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Home is our happy place.

We all have snippets in our mind of our dream home — less of a fully formed picture than a collection of features, textures, sounds and aromas. We know the way we want to feel when we sit back in our couch, or how we want that first sip of coffee to taste as we step out on the porch each morning.


We are Jacqueline Ho and John Lacy and we started this practice to help focus the picture and bring your vision to life — first on paper, then in reality.


Working together begins with an informal conversation, where we tailor our services to each client and circumstance. Our clients are our peers — fellow professionals, homeowners and parents who, like us, were drawn to this city and all of its quirks. We get to know what makes you tick, and what you need to feel completely at home, so that you can wake up in your happy place everyday.  

© 2020 ho&lacy architecture

© 2020 ho & lacy architecture

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